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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

DOAX3 Famitsu Update!

Since the monthly issue of Famitsu is coming out soon, we got a sneak of the DOAX3 content that will be in the issue.  Still no sign of wave racing or the waterslide, but it's showing off some Vita information, as well as alternate hairstyles for the girls.  Of course, I'll post the images once we get clear ones.  I love Marie with her hair down!  Also, we're getting Ayane with her little ponytail, and it looks like Hitomi's short hair, and maybe even a new style for Honoka, but it's hard to see.  Momiji also looks to be wearing a recolor of the Yaiba bikini next to the graveur information. (I just hope that in photo mode, you can choose hairstyles and accessories, unlike DOAX2)

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