Monday, April 11, 2016

DOAX3 Wishlist

Now that the game's been out for a couple of weeks, people are starting to wonder about DLC, and about issues in the game that have given it a low score on a few websites (not counting SJW stuff).  I've compiled a Wish List of things I'd like to see either see improved upon, or introduced as new content through DLC.  I'm going to tweet this to Team Ninja, and I hope that someone there sees that people do care about this game, and want it to be the best it can be.  I'm putting the list in order of 'importance', or what will make the game the best it can be!

- Fix Hair and Clothing clipping issues

- Improve Textures to the feet

- Slightly improve the Random Number Generator that's used for success or failure on really hard to gift items like the Fortune or the Pole Dancing Tickets

- Scale up how much Owner money you can earn in activities, so it's easier to accumulate

- Raise the maximum amount of money you can carry from 1.5 million Zacks to 2.5 million Zacks

- Change it so that when a swimsuit is in a girl's inventory, each one has an equal chance of being worn by the computer.  The like/hate reaction of the suit should be for gifting purposes only.  Also, the computer should be able to pull suits out of the closet to wear like in past games.  The inventory screen gets kind of bloated when you keep all the swimsuits out at once.  Plus. it makes it tedious to search for duplicates to gift to other girls

- The return of Imitate Partner gravures

- Other activities and characters as DLC.  These could possibly be paired together - the updated game for free, and the girl as priced DLC.  (Just like how the new stage in DOA5LR was free with the update, but you had to pay for Naotora Ii).  Example - If or when Christie is released as a DLC character, the update that adds her to the game could also include the Brilliant Jungle as a location, and all the activities that come with it, like Waterslide, volleyball, and gravures

- New activities.  Not only should Jetski and Waterslide return, as well as volleyball on Bass Island, but other activities could be added in new locations.  For example - Rollerblade obstacle course on a Boardwalk location, Mountain Biking on a mountain trail location, ring or gem fetch swimming game on Bass Island when it's flooded, a hot spring location, and a volleyball tournament option on a Center Court with small bleachers that plays as an arcade ladder.  It would automatically take up several time slots in your vacation, but the prizes could be either huge money or a unique swimsuit

- New characters.  After the other girls who didn't make the game are released (like Leifang, Tina, Mila, Rachel, Christie and Lisa), other girls could be added.  Rio and Niki would be great.  Miyako, Irene, Miss Monday, Naotora (or other Samurai Warriors characters), and even Phase 4 would also be great options


  1. I agree with you that the other girls being added.

  2. Great list Kate. You should add in accessory shop and maybe the Zack Station.
    Would be good to have the wish list in Japanese.

  3. This list sounds great.

  4. Add the accessory shop to that list. Ich wanna have hats and sunglasses, polish... again!

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  6. Don't forget the Radio Station with license soundtrack or importing our favorite songs using a MP3 USB stick, Scuba Diving in various islands looking for treasure, surfing contest and of course slots to be added in DOAX3 :D

  7. I like the computer only choosing suits from the actual inventory of the girl. Furthermore I think it doesn't prefers liked or ignores hated suits. For me it feels like it chooses them with even chances.
    I'd prefer it would choose the suit along the girls preferences, cause it would just be more natural.

  8. I also want Phase 4 in the game as long as she has a bright shade of red hair.