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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Momiji In Clouds!

Finally!  This is actually the whole reason for me to play DOAX3 (besides the fun).  Getting all swimsuits on all girls, and taking pictures of it.  I haven't gotten all swimsuits on all girls yet, but I do have the Time Stop Hourglass, so now I can take pictures properly.  I spent the last couple of days taking a bunch of pics, so now I have a backlog of images, which allows me to post a gallery a day.  My picture process is to take a ton of photos of each gravure, and then choose my fave 5 from the group of 15-30 images.

I'm starting with Momiji because on the Facebook DOAX3 group I moderate, I put it to a vote, and Momiji won. (Click to Enlarge):

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